Our history and who we are.


We specialize in breeding AKC - American Kennel Club registered Show Quality Yorkshire Terrier.

We are located in Northern California and have been breeding Yorkies for over 15 years. We are a small show hobby breeder that takes pride in producing beautiful, healthy, top-quality Yorkie puppies. All Yorkshire Terrier breeds are categorized under the “Toy Group” under the American Kennel Club, weighing up to 7 lbs. 

We prefer to produce our dogs between 5lbs to 7lbs and strive to follow the Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard set by AKC by utilizing their guidelines as the foundation to our breeding program.

Responsible Breeders

We study genetics, temperament, research pedigrees, and analyze body conformance prior to any of our breeding. When selecting a breeding pair, we only mate dogs that will complement one another. We choose from the best bloodlines such as: Hyland Acre, Comparis, Royal Boutique, Magic Silk, Nikko, Mini-shop, Midyear, Stribrne Prani, Qoccle and many other well-known breeders to produce only the best quality puppies. All of our traditional breeding parent dogs are either Championed or Champion-sired. This means the puppies produced from these parents will have championed bloodline in their pedigree starting from the present generation and running back many generations after. A family filled with champions is typical from each traditional pairing unless otherwise specify.  We strongly believe that sharing knowledge and information about the breed and how we breed is invaluable to the Yorkshire Terrier breed. Educating others can help those that cant speak or help themselves. #fortheloveoftheyorkiebreed


Extra love and attention

Each puppy is unique

Before anything else our dogs and puppies are treated as an extension of our family growing up right directly in our living room. All of our puppies are pre-spoiled and are given the best of veterinary care from the time they are born to the time that they leave our care.  Extra love and attention starts at the beginning to help proper socialize them prior to going to APPROVED homes. Each puppy is unique in its own way, ranging in color, size, features, and personality. We try our best to pair our dogs with their new owner as much as we can. If you are interested in one of our puppy we request that you fill out a puppy application on our application page. The application consists of a 10 question survey to help determine if our puppy is a right fit for you. We will review each application careful and determine if your situation is right for our puppy. We will usually get back to you everyone within 24 hours and in case we don’t please feel free to remind us.

All of puppies come with a 1 yr. health warranty, vet checked, appropriate puppy vaccines, and are de-wormed.   A $500 non-refundable deposit is required if you would like us to hold any of our available Yorkie puppies for sale. Please fill out an application before making any deposit. Due to protecting our bloodline and those breeders we work with all puppies are sold as pets only and will require a spay/neuter contract.  Arrangement can be made on full registration puppies with prior consent.   

Stud service is also available to approved customers, contact us for additional information and pricing. 



T. (805) 266-2982
email: info@SFYorkies.com 

If you are interested in giving one of our precious Yorkie puppies a loving home, please feel free to give us a call or contact us by email.