Stud Service Application 

Studding Contract

This is to certify the stud dog named below was bred to the female named below on the dates listed.

In the agreement of this breeding between stud owner and female owner, the female owner can choose between two options: 1.) 1st pick of the litter for stud service 2.) Straight stud fee of $1500. *If “ 1st Pick of the Litter” option is chosen the female owner will place a $1500 deposit that will be refunded 7 days after the stud owner takes delivery of the chosen puppy. If said puppy should die before delivery, or within 7 days of delivery, the total $1500 deposit will not be refunded. The female owner understands that the stud owner cannot (and will not) guarantee the number or number of puppies to be born. A litter constitute at least (1) one puppy born to the female. If there is only one puppy born, the female owner will have full rights to him/her. If this is the case, the $1500 deposit will be paid to the stud owner as reimbursement for the studding fee. Prior to breeding, female owner must provide the following documents: AKC Registration Certificate Current Negative Brucellosis Current Vaccination and Worming Record If no pregnancy resulting from the mating, the agreement allows for a free return service that will be provided to the same female with the same stud dog. Written proof from a licensed Veterinarian in good standing with the Veterinarian State Board must be written and signed by the Veterinarian of female owner’s choice, the letter must state there was no pregnancy or litter produced from the said female. The letter from the Veterinarian must be post-dated no later than (7) seven days after the said female due date. The female owner understands that proper care of the puppies to be born will include tail docking, dew trimming, vaccines and worming, food, supplements, and any additional veterinary care that is needed. All aspects of care for the puppies and mother are the sole responsibility of the owner of the female and will not be expected in any way of the owner of the stud. However, the stud owner may be available for advice (which is not to take the place of proper care from a licensed Vet). The stud owner will not sign AKC litter application for registration until the stud fee has been paid in full or, in the case of a puppy fee, the stud owner has possession of the puppy or puppies as agreed and evidence that proper procedures are followed. The female owner will notify stud owner as soon as a litter is produced and provide the Date of Delivery, number and gender of the puppies. We have read and understand the conditions of this contract. Any/all fees incurred in the enforcement of this contract shall be borne by the party in default. By our signatures we agree to these conditions and acknowledge having received a copy of this contract. This is a legally binding document and will be enforced in the State of California and the County of San Francisco. Stud owner reserves all rights to cancel stud services at any time.